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Welcome to vivadolls

  • Your here because I’m proud to have you here my clients and workers mean a lot to me so here’s just a few ground rules please respect me and how I like things done.

  • Please be 15 min early to get dressed and changeover of money. 30 min late you be docked.

  • Look immaculate at all times please!! Hair nails and outfits.

  • If anyone doesn’t show up last minute, you’ll need to help cover your shift or will be removed from my books.

  • Please keep conversations professional it’s all about the clients talk about them and mostly have fun… definitely not your problems.

  • Always be bubbly and make sure their drinks are always full and place is cleaned up before you leave empty cans in rubbish and benches wiped down… no ordering your dinner and eating at job unless your offered then fine.

  • Never take off shoes or makeup…clean stains on left in bench if makeup is used in bathrooms.

  • If client upgrades, please contact me.

    I’m happy for you to upsell jobs lappys are your hassle

  • Anyone handing out numbers will never work for me again…I look after you. You look after me!!

  • Please be on time keep it professional!!

  • Most of my clients are my frifriens or friend of friends So I’m updated every job

  • I get a lot of high-end clients and professionals in sport please keep discreet and not allowed to speak of what goes on whilst they having their time out.

  • Never speak of commission paid it’s one price to clients of they extended its booking price not your price… Call me aside.

  • For me I make sure my clients get the best service but my staff are very important if you care for me and my business you’ll definitely be looked after more work booked your way.

  • When u arrive introduce, yourself take main guy to go somewhere and fix the payments up before you start. If you don’t get pages, you do not start.

  • Please let me know if media exposure is ok with your pictures.

  • I’m do proud of you all and class goes along way they rebook always say you need to contact our booking agent! VivaDolls.

  • Never wear old lingerie or undies or scuffed shoes.

  • Welcome aboard to VivaDolls look forward to building your name and booked for some amazing jobs if you have friends who would like to work send my way

  • Just so you know I get tv work professional and celebrity booking’s Great locations I always get feedback from all my jobs.

  • If you get clients for me, you will be looked after.

  • Just remember clients want to feel special they probably had a really hard week so treat them how you would like to be treated on a holiday.

  • Bubbly happy personality is a must please.

  • Leave your problems or life story’s at the door pls…it’s the fun interesting and smart girls that get rebooked…

  • thank you all so much love shar xxx 0451848365

  • on departure make sure you clean up kitchen and tables say thank you for booking with VivaDolls.